Hello! My name is Emma Asbury. I’m a senior at University of Mary Washington, majoring in Classical Archaeology and Latin (hence the name of my website). Speaking of my website name, scaevola vita means “left-handed life.” I chose this name not only because I’m, you know, left-handed, but also because the adjective “left-handed” is often used to describe things that are abnormal. I don’t mean abnormal in the sense that I’m a manic pixie dream girl, but in the fact that I have several chronic illnesses, which make my pretty different from that of the average 22 year old. I don’t think this topic is a bummer, but I could see why it seem as such, so I’m gonna move on to some lighter stuff.

I live in Richmond, Virginia with my mom and two dogs, Seamus and Calliope. I love photography, which means you’ll be seeing lots of photos on this site (the header photo for this page is one my favorite pictures that I’ve taken btw). I can also play guitar, bass, and mandolin (though they’re all basically the same instrument), and I’m trying to teach myself to play piano and violin, but they’re both royally kicking my butt right now. I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan and I could talk about the Tolkeinverse for hours.