Best Sports Play

The other gif I decided to make this week was The Best Sports Play. The description for it is as follows-
Make a GIF of the best sports play in your opinion from this past year.

For the soccer clip I found a video on youtube highlighting some of my favorite soccer players (Zlatan Ibrahimović) goals from the last year and put it the link into imgflips gif maker and used the tools there to adjust the timing for the goal. My favorite one that I saw was the bicycle kick goal made here so I decided to use that one.

Contradiction Creation-Relevant

I love de-motivational posters so this assignment was a fun one!

Create some sort of graphic. Design the overall graphic to convey some sort of feeling or theme, but then have text saying something completely contradictory to the theme or feeling. Sort of like one of those old anti-motivational posters, but with more design than a black box with a white frame

Given that we’re currently in the middle of a global pandemic, this felt particularly relevant since it does kinda feel like the end is nigh.

I really didn’t feel like dealing with Photoshop’s shenanigans when I decided to make do this assignment so to make this, I just used imgflip and used the meme generator there to place the text on the photo.

Secret Tunnel

For one of my gif assignments I felt drawn to The music of gifs assignments. GIFs may not have audio, but they can still be musical. Create an animated GIF that suggests music or dancing in some way, such as that of Lester Burnham conducting.

I have been watching a lot of Avatar the last air bender lately so when i saw the music of gifs i immediately thought of the singing nomads from episode 202- The cave of the lovers. It has some singing nomads in it and they singing about a secret tunnel leading to the city of Omashu. I was able to find a clip from the episode on youtube and was able to put the link into imgflip and was able to adjust the timing for the parts that i want.

Name that Single-One of My Favorite Songs

This one drew me in immediately since I’m a musician and just a music-lover in general.

Create a design for a favorite song by using just simple designs and NO WORDS…Basically a design assignment with the rules in charades. IE: for No Doubt’s “I’m Just a Girl” I would just have a symbol of a girl.

The hardest part of this assignment was settling on a song for which I would create a design. I didn’t end up choosing just one so I did two of them.

Just like the Four Icons assignment, I downloaded icons from the Noun Project then placed them onto a blank image in Photoshop and that was it really.

The first one I did isn’t too difficult to guess what the name of the song is, but it may be a song that not too many people know. I chose this song because its title is also a one of the nicknames that my boyfriend has for me and it just a good song! I hope this post gets more people into this band because they are top five for me and I’ve seen them live multiple times.

The second one that I did may be a little harder to guess because the title isn’t exactly a common phrase, but it is by a fairly well-known band.

One Story/Four Icons-Can You Guess the TV Show?

I got the idea for what I was going to do for this assignment because I’m currently re-watching it right now since it was just put back on Netflix. I love it now as much as I did when I was younger. I don’t want to say much else about it as I don’t want to give it away.

This assignment was probably the easiest to thanks to the Noun Project. All did was I open a blank image in Photoshop then I just dragged the icons from my browser to Photoshop and that was it!

Honest Video Game Cover-The Princess Can Wait

Man, I am loving these design assignments! This assignment was a must-do for me, a video game lover. I had my idea immediately after reading the assignment.

I had knew Breath of the Wild was the box art I had to change since it’s one of my favorite games and I’ve definitely played it in the “not-the-way-the-developers-intended” way.

This one also wasn’t too difficult to do. I found the original image above through IGN, then I put it into Photoshop. I duplicated the original image and made it different layer, then I erased everything but some of the grass at the bottom in order to cover up the original subtitle. I wrote the honest subtitle and that was that. Not too difficult.

Are We There Yet?-Celestial Soirée

This assignment took ages to do, but not because it’s difficult, but because Photoshop can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. I mean, seriously? I only get one (1) undo and redo? WHY? So sans Photoshop’s frustrating qualities, this assignment was actually pretty fun!

I chose a picture from my senior Spring Soirée, yes, a soirée. I went to a private school and we didn’t have prom, but we did have soirées. We thought it was weird, too. This is one of my favorite pictures from my senior year of high school and it never fails to make me smile.

My senior soirée (I’m the one in purple)

Now for the how to:

  1. Choose a photo for your background (I chose a this picture of the surface of the moon that was taken by the first spacecraft on the moon in 1968)
  2. Choose the photo of yourself that you want to lay over it
  3. Photoshop time! Yay… Open the background photo in Photoshop then place the photo of yourself on the background photo
  4. Erase everything from the photo of yourself except the part of the photo that you want to lay over the background
  5. Place the photo of yourself where you want it on the background and that’s it!