This week, we focused on photography and we were tasked with completing 10 stars worth of visual assignments. One of the assignments I chose to do was “Color Changer.”  The complete assignment was:

“Take any picture in the entire world and change the color hue of the picture to completely change how it looks! Then post it on flickr to show the world!”

For this assignment, I again chose a photo that I love, one I took in Sandbridge, Va about 8 years ago. I took it in February at about 5:30 in the morning and holy mother of Greenland at Christmas, it was cold. The pictures I took that morning, though, were more than worth it; they’re some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.

Part of what makes this photo and the others I took that morning so special is that that photoshoot was completely unplanned. I was on a youth retreat with my youth group and we were staying in a house that was right on the beach. I’m really bad at sleeping so despite having gone to sleep late the night before, I found myself awake at 5 AM with everyone still asleep. Bored out of my mind, I finally decided to bundle up and take some sunrise photos and I am so glad that I did.

The sunrise photo before the color change

One other thing that made it special was that there was snow on the beach, which seemed super weird to me since I’m usually at the beach in the summer. Something that was quite familiar to me suddenly felt unfamiliar. This is part of why I chose a photo from that day to color-change. I took something familiar to me and made it unfamiliar, still recognizable, but markedly different.

After the color change

I didn’t have a set process for changing the colors in the photo besides playing with the color channels in Lightroom until I found a color combination that I liked.

Please ignore the fact that my UI is in Italian. I use my devices to help learn languages because I’m a massive nerd.

The color channels are over on the lower right, it’s the thing that looks like a graph. In this photo, I was playing with the red channel by setting up multiple points on the main line and moving them up and down to change the reds in the photo. I did the same thing with the blue and green channels until I got the above result.

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