This assignment took ages to do, but not because it’s difficult, but because Photoshop can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. I mean, seriously? I only get one (1) undo and redo? WHY? So sans Photoshop’s frustrating qualities, this assignment was actually pretty fun!

I chose a picture from my senior Spring Soirée, yes, a soirée. I went to a private school and we didn’t have prom, but we did have soirées. We thought it was weird, too. This is one of my favorite pictures from my senior year of high school and it never fails to make me smile.

My senior soirée (I’m the one in purple)

Now for the how to:

  1. Choose a photo for your background (I chose a this picture of the surface of the moon that was taken by the first spacecraft on the moon in 1968)
  2. Choose the photo of yourself that you want to lay over it
  3. Photoshop time! Yay… Open the background photo in Photoshop then place the photo of yourself on the background photo
  4. Erase everything from the photo of yourself except the part of the photo that you want to lay over the background
  5. Place the photo of yourself where you want it on the background and that’s it!

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