This one drew me in immediately since I’m a musician and just a music-lover in general.

Create a design for a favorite song by using just simple designs and NO WORDS…Basically a design assignment with the rules in charades. IE: for No Doubt’s “I’m Just a Girl” I would just have a symbol of a girl.

The hardest part of this assignment was settling on a song for which I would create a design. I didn’t end up choosing just one so I did two of them.

Just like the Four Icons assignment, I downloaded icons from the Noun Project then placed them onto a blank image in Photoshop and that was it really.

The first one I did isn’t too difficult to guess what the name of the song is, but it may be a song that not too many people know. I chose this song because its title is also a one of the nicknames that my boyfriend has for me and it just a good song! I hope this post gets more people into this band because they are top five for me and I’ve seen them live multiple times.

The second one that I did may be a little harder to guess because the title isn’t exactly a common phrase, but it is by a fairly well-known band.

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