Whats The Story Morning Glory?” Was a fun assignment that allows me to narrate how my dogs run my life in the morning due to their need to always have a human around.

While you can not hear them in my audio, my morning often begins with my dogs barking as my mom pulls out of the driveway to go to work. My morning revolves around keeping them happy, they don’t like being left alone too long or they will chew on the furniture or run through the house. It is often startling and their barks shake me awake. It is hard to get out of the bed some mornings as I want more sleep but they eventually come upstairs to scratch at my door until I open the door and greet them. The noise of them at my door is what typically gets me up and moving through my morning routine. My routine is more simple than I would like it to be. I immediately shower as fast as I can (shortened sound so you don’t have to listen to it too long ) and brush my teeth so that the dogs don’t get lonely. Then, I go downstairs to let them out into the back yard so they can run around for a few minutes and go potty. While they do that I make myself a quick and simple breakfast and put food the dogs’ bowls. I don’t have a large appetite in the morning so for me I tend to pour some coffee with a little vanilla syrup and grab a granola bar from the pantry. If I am feeling hungry enough somedays I will make scrambled eggs with sausage but that does not happen often. This process takes all of about 2 minutes for me as it is habit and I know where everything is. I could do it in my sleep, which is how i feel most the time. After pouring the coffee and eating the granola bar I let the puppies into the house as they have finally settled down a little. My mourning while simple is not something I would ever change as I get to spend it with the two sweetest dogs I have ever met.

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