So, you can probably guess by the title what this story is about. I’ve committed a crime and now I’m a fugitive, right?

Wrong. I haven’t committed a single crime (well, except for the one I’m about to describe, I guess). I was arrested for a crime that I didn’t commit, and I know who did commit the crime: my twin sister, Jude. But of course you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the crime scene photos/photos from the victims’ security camera:

Notice how her face is conveniently not in any of the pictures? I’ll give her credit, she’s really good at what she does. The only problem is that what she does are bad things. So how did I get arrested if I’m not in any of those photos? Well, inquisitive reader, it just so happened that I was walking home that night on the street of the robbery around the time it happened. A witness described the build of the perpetrator and I of course fit their description. Lucky me. So, I was arrested and was in jail for several months…until I escaped to find my sister and turn her in. I had it all planned out with a friend of mine who made regular visits to me while I was in prison.

Once I was out, my friend and I set out to find my sister. We didn’t actually have much of a plan or anything to go on, except my vague memory of Jude saying years ago that she wanted to travel around Europe. We figured that, since she must have just come into to quite a bit of money selling the things she stole, she would spend that money on traveling. So we set off to places that I’ve always wanted to go, since I figure there might be some similarities because twin telepathy and all that jazz.

Everything went rather smoothly as we everyone we talked to in these places did have say that they had someone “who looked just like [me]” come through town a few days ago. We were waiting to be seated at The Eagle and Child when I noticed a poster on the wall.

I further covered my face with the hood of my raincoat and ripped the poster off the wall before quickly leaving. From Oxford, we left for Milan, Italy. From there, Munich then to Vienna and finally to Prague. Notice that I say “finally.” Yep, we ran into my sister.

She tried to run, but we were able to corner her and take her into the police. Eventually, after many trials and tribulations, as well as literal trials, my good name was cleared and my sister took my place in jail. I feel kind of bad about that, but I mean, she did commit a serious crime and needed to pay her debt to society. I hope she comes out of this a different person. I miss the sweet sister I grew up with.

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