I decided to return to an assignment from Week 3, the Sound Effects Story. Here is how I did it:

Step 1: Find sound effects you want to use in your story and download them. I recommend using freesound. I wanted sound effects for my character’s escape from prison, so I searched for sound effects such as “prison alarm,” “jail cell door closing,” “yelling,” running on gravel,” etc.

Step 2: One you have all of your sound effects downloaded, import them into Audacity.

Step 3: Play around with them and place them in the order you want them. For example I had to change the tempo on the sound effect for “running on gravel” because the best file I could find on freesound was of someone walking rather than running on gravel.

Step 4: Once you have the sound effects in the order you want them, export the final product as a WAV file. I recommend WAV because that is one of the file types that SoundCloud recommends for the highest quality.

Note: You will need to export the file in order to save it as an audio file and use it elsewhere, as “Saving Project” will only save it as an Audacity project and will not allow it to be opened in other apps.

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