The last form of media I chose was design. I had the idea of creating a wanted poster for my character, but couldn’t find an assignment that matched my idea in the assignment bank, so I made one up! I would say that this assignment would be worth around 3.5/4 stars, as I didn’t use a template and designed it myself in Photoshop. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: Open a blank background in Photoshop, then fill it in with the paint brush with whatever color you want the background of your poster to be (I’m sure there’s an easier way to do this, but no matter how many times I work in Photoshop, I still can’t figure out, like, 75% of the tools or the things it’s capable of).

Step 2: Place the image of the wanted person and add the relevant text. For my text, I chose to use the “Nashville” font from dafont to give an Old Western feel. Though my story does not take place in the Old West, I figured this theme would be most fitting for a wanted poster seeing as how iconic it is.

Step 3: To go further with the Old Western theme, I decided to put a grainy filter on my poster. For this, I saved my poster design and imported it into Lightroom, which is Adobe’s much more user-friendly photo editing software. The preset I used for this is called “Grunge with Grain and Dark Edges,” from theĀ ON1 Signature Collection Presets, Volume 2.

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