Is That a Ghost?-Two of My Favorite Things

This week, we focused on photography and we were tasked with completing 10 stars worth of visual assignments. One of the assignments I chose to do was “Is That A… GHOST?!” The complete assignment was:

Take a photo in which there is a ghost like subject by either using a long exposure or 2 different pictures in a photo editing software.

I used to be obsessed with taking long exposure pictures like this. I loved taking them again, even though it took hours to get a photo I liked and find the right ISO and exposure times to get the desired result and not a photo that’s completely white due to too much light getting in. Despite that, I did really love taking this photo, especially because playing music and photography two of my absolute favorite things.

The process of taking this photo was fairly short once I found the proper settings. First, I set my camera on my dresser, facing my bed, and I put my guitar on my bed, near my pillow. I then pressed the shutter release button and stood out of frame for a few seconds. Then I sat on my bed and picked up my guitar quickly enough that that specific motion was not captured in the final photo and started playing a few chords up and down the neck so that the motion was obvious until I heard the shutter close.